Thursday, June 01, 2006

Let's Get this Blog Rolling!

Hey everyone! Let's get this blog goin'..We're hoping all three walks will post regularly so here's the important info: Go to

Username: crossroadsprolife
Password: prolife



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter met your southern walkers this morning at St. Henry's Catholic Church in Buckeye Arizona. She was very impressed by all of you and the great service that you are all performing. Please, know that you will be in my prayers and thoughts daily.

8:17 PM  
Blogger Crossroads Pro-Life said...

Greetings from Fr Hilary - The Australian Priest who was on the original walk, and since then too.
Greetings especially to Martha Nolan, and Andrew Doran if they are still involved in organising things.
You have been in my prayers all the year - even before some of you knew you were walking, or had even heard of Crossroads.
But especially you are in my prayers - May, June, July & August.
It would be lovely if you had a priest walking with you. I hope so.
I would love to receive a cell phone number for all 3 groups.
God Bless you all
Fr Hilary Flynn - Cairns Australia
Phone: 07 4054 1171 (country code +61)
To send an sms: 0413 445 986

6:21 AM  

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