Thursday, June 08, 2006

Northern Walk Blog!!!

Hey Everyone!!
My name is Jamie and since I'm pretty much obsessed with blogging, I thought I'd blog on the Crossroads site too.
We are in the process of finishing our third week of walking (as are the Central and Southern walks - but we win (obviously)).
I would like to quote fellow walker, Jessica Cozart who said about Crossroads: "It's pretty much the best thing ever". I would agree 100% with that statement.
Right now night shift is at walk leader, Chris (*El Capitan*)'s house watching Beauty & the Beast. It's amazing. We have been singing Disney Songs all week. Our favys have been: Can you feel the love tonight? (Lion King - good one), Friend Like Me (Aladdin - good one), A Whole New World (Aladdin - good one), Under the Sea (Little Mermaid - good one), and Be Our Guest (Beauty & the Beast - good one).
During night shift you don't get a lot of sleep, but the stars are amazing (especially in Montana). In my past two weeks on night shift, I've seen 3 shooting stars. I can see millions of stars. Even the Milky Way Galaxy.
OK its over!


P.S. Don't worry, El Capitan has laid down some rules for our safety:
1.) Don't die.
2.) Don't get arrested.
3.) Don't eat at McDonalds.
4.) No listening to boy bands with long hair who are brothers (although he claims that he didn't say that last part which means that it would include all boy bands and not just Hanson. What he doesn't realize is that his precious "Beatles" are a boy band... the first boy band even. Bah!)

P.P.S. Listen to Brian Regan. It's hilarious!

K Its over.



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