Friday, June 09, 2006

Notes from the Southern Walk

I'm Elizabeth Tevald and I was with the Southern walk until Phoenix. Those two weeks were amazing and I can't until I'm free to do more walking!

The best part of being a walker, I think, is being able to forget about yourself and just be a part of Crossroads- and see God working through you. I think that I ventured significantly out of my "comfort zone" at least 5 times in the first two days! When you see people respond to your message with incredible enthusiasm and generosity, you realize that it has nothing to do with the one speaking or wearing that t-shirt or walking down that road- it's all God working through you.

Of course, it's pretty neat to tell people that your group is walking to D.C.; the desert night sky is awesome; and there are a lot of great people to spend your time with. I learned the words to tons of country (and other) songs I'd never heard of before. (But, hey, it's a great day to be alive...) And even when it gets rough, Mom (aka Brendan Flannery, our walk leader) is always there to sort things out.

So hello to Mom and the kids, stalwart Southern walkers and endurers of the heat,
and to the other walks,
and to all our blog visitors!


In Our Lady,


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