Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hello from the Northern Walk!
This is Jamie again. We are finally out of Montana!! Not that I don't love Montana (Calvin...), I do... I love Montana; its probably my favorite state that we will go through. Except Illinois of course -- SWEET HOME CHICAGO! It's just nice to move through states. We went through Wyoming in like 2 minutes. It was amazing. Now we are in South Dakota. Our favorite state because they currently don't do abortions here. :) Good one, SD!
We are staying at a parish this weekend -- Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral in Rapid City. I would like to say thanks to the priests for letting us stay here. :)
Today has been pretty fun so far. We went to Mount Rushmore. It was pretty cool; I've always wanted to see it. I got some pretty good pictures. Unfortunately I can't load them up here right now because I don't have a cord... sorry about that. Afterwards, we got some delicious frosties because at one of our masses last weekend someone donated Wendy's gift certificates because they didn't have any money on them. WOO HOO!!! Tomorrow we are going to see Walldrug. My Dad said that he heard its the place to be in SD. We will see. (Ug too much rhyming, sorry guys). Some people on the trip have been there - they're split on whether or not its ridiculous or cute. Don't worry, we're only tourists sometimes. We all know why we're doing this. Honestly though, its good to go out where people are because the more people that see our shirts the better. Plus people are always asking about us and what we are doing. I personally think that that is one of the best things about this trip: we want to show people that young people care about this issue and we are going to stand up for what is right. AND when we went to Wendy's today, we got a donation :)
OK that's all I have to say for now. I hope you all have a spectacular day. I'd like to say hey to my family and friends: I love you guys! <3 :)

God Bless,


Blogger Crossroads Pro-Life said...

Jamie you're so funny! ;)

Love ya,

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