Saturday, June 10, 2006


Hey!! My name is Miriam and I am on the Southern walk.Right now we are in EL Paso, Texas and it is so much cooler here than it is in Arizona!! In AZ even if you weren't walking you still sweated, sweated, and sweated more still. Anyway, the people we meet as we go to parishes are so incredibly generous! It is so humbling to accept their generosity. In LA a woman at a parish we met made us strawberry muffins and then took her time to drive us around Hollywood!! It was so cool!!! I felt bad that she was spending her time to drive us around Hollywood, but it truly was a blessing to her and that was very humbling. In AZ we were at one parish going to masses their for a while and one morning this couple went and bought us breakfast as well as a bunch of groceries. Then the next morning they made us homemade waffles!! The last humbling experience I will mention (even though there have been many more) happened last night at our host's house. They soaked, washed, and messaged all our feet (very very dirty feet) with oil that had been blessed by their priest that had just passed away and who was very pro life!! That was the most humbling and beautiful experience. We all felt so bad she was touching our dirty feet, but it was a blessing for her and she was so humble about it as well. She touched our dirty, smelly, and blistered feet with loving hands as if she was bathing the feet of Jesus. All these experiences are teaching me to accept the gerosity of others when may be so hard to and that is so humbling and beautiful!!
God bless!! Miriam


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