Saturday, June 30, 2007

Half Way There!

Praise the Lord Jesus this marks the half way point for our walk- 6 more weeks till Washington D.C.
Central Walk is rocking it out! We are currently in Lincoln, Nebraska. Being a Floridian, this is a complete culture shock for me... corn, corn, corn, corn. I saw feed farms, silos, wheat, beans, etc... When we were in North Platte, Nebraska it felt like I was in the middle of the movie Twister. It was this small quaint town where great grandma, grandma, ma, pa, uncle Jim, and his 10 kids all live right down the street from each other. Then when we would go into town our host would know everyone and their grandmother- literally! I am being cultured in the ways of the Midwest.
Walking with a Franciscan priest is one of the best experiences of this trip. One day I spent time teaching him some slang like, "Father, you are my brotha from anotha motha" (With a NY accent) And I am his "Sista from anotha mista" He loves saying it and he says he will use it in one of his homilies. Haha- let's see if that happens!
The night walk had one great pro-life encounter this past week. Father Dan and I were in the SUV at 3a.m. waiting for the walkers- well I was sleeping. All of a sudden Alzbeta and Will came up with another woman and 3 boys. This woman stopped on the side of the road because they saw our two walkers. Oh, at night we wear vests over our shirts for the traffic but on one of the vests is written Pro-Life, so this woman saw this and stopped. Well She decided that she wanted to walk with Alzbeta and Will for one mile. She then asked Father and I to drive back to her car and tell her little eight year old boy and 10 year old girl who were sitting on the side of the road in this big van at 3 in the morning that her mom and her brothers were going to walk. Hahahaha- poor little kids, they were probably so confused and frightened. After their mile was up Will and Alzbeta kept walking and we drove she and her 3 boys to their car. She ended up staying in the SUV with us and talking for like 30 minutes about pro-life. Father and I kept looking at each other, and I would randomly laugh because I felt so confused & helpless. It was 3:30 in the morning and this woman was just sitting in our car on the side of the road while her little kids sat in their car... what in the heck was she doing out this late, walking with us, and letting her kids just sit on the side of the road? I mean at least we had at purpose out there. It was crazy, but a funny story, and praise God she did walk with us. We need crazy and great encounters like that especially in the middle of the night- it's a great encouragement!:)
Well, off to take a much needed nap!
We are praying for the Northern, Southern, and Canada walks and I can't wait to meet you all in D.C.!!!

Central Walker


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