Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Northern Walk the Road less traveled

Hello everyone! This is Katie from the Northern walk and I would love to share how the experience has been so far. We all came to Seattle, uncertain but very excited about what was going to happen this summer. We have received numerous encouragements and support from people. The generosity given to us such as meals and donations have been very humbling. Even with some negative responses from people the positives are what keep us going.
In the beginning two girls, Stephanie and Anette had to go to the southern walk. We were very sad to see them go but are happy for the southern walk because they are getting two awesome girls. Friday two of our guys had to leave for summer classes. We were very upset to see them go because they were such amazing people but are thankful for the awesome times we had with them.
The physical sacrifices we have had to endure are hard but we just continue to pray and realize the pain we are in is all for the mission of the walk to bring the culture of life to the byways and highways of America. We all hope and know that the people that see us their hearts are changed for the better.
The parishes we go to every weekend have been wonderful and open to us. I would like to thank all the parishes for their generosity and the opportunity for us to talk to their parishioners. I am going to go now Please pray for us as we continue on this journey of a lifetime. God Bless!


Anonymous Gibbons in SF said...

God bless you, Katie!

Many are praying for you and with you!

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:25 AM  
Anonymous OldTimer said...

Hmph. The REAL Northern walk shall always be the "Central" walk. Always.

6:57 PM  

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