Sunday, June 10, 2007

That's what I love about the South...

Hi there! This is Elizabeth from the southern walk. Yes, we do exist...

Since I met up with the group a week and a bit ago, there have been some major changes- our walk leader migrated north in a somewhat ironic turn of events, and a whole slew of generous short-term walkers went home... leaving only 6 Southies. We've tried to look on the bright side: we all fit at one table, comfortably in one pew, and into the RV without squishage; there's also much more opportunity to get to know the others and more personal responsibility for...well, just about everything! We will be very glad when God sends more walkers our way, though, and we're sure praying for that!

As different as this walk may be right now, its mission is still the same, and I'm sure God will provide everything necessary to carry on according to His will!

"We strive for excellence, but we'll settle for perfection"

Anecdotes will have to wait... it sounds like we're headed back to Arizona right now!
God bless


Anonymous Gibbons in SF said...

God Bless you and your friends, Elizabeth!

Miles Foley & Elizabeth Flessner (Central Walk) visited our church, Saints Peter and Paul in San Francisco, before the walk started.

We are parying for you!

Gibbons Cooney
San Francisco

12:13 PM  

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