Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Comings and Goings

Hello Everyone!! This is Wendy and Anne from the Nifty Northern Walk. We are here to tell some interesting stories from the road.
For example, last night after getting back from the airport, we arrived at the RV to find Tim, Tom, and a random baby hater (who we tried to convert) named Bobby, with their shirts over their heads, holding lit candles, and chanting. It was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. There are all the times of walking down the highway singing random songs at the top of our lungs, which is always a lot of fun. Also, I (Wendy) have invented something called Water Bottle Aerobics (Registered Trademark). I realized that we were working out our legs so much, that our arms were just becoming flabby messes. So, we do random arm exercises (50 of each set) to work out our arms. Even though the bottles only weigh about a pound, we really feel the burn...... oh, yeah!! In Spokane, Washington while walking down the street... Katie, Kevin, and Erin met a very well dressed guy with an insane mo-hawk, who insisted that they "give him some skin" and then proceeded to say "Right on!!". While Christian, Erin, and I (Wendy) were walking down the highway one day, just singing along, a bear ran across the road in front of us. Erin was almost frozen in fear, and Christian and I were just kind of laughing in amazement. There are many more crazy stories, but to write them all down would take up several pages, so we figure that this is enough for now.
Speaking of wild creatures, we have found a very lovely, very large spider which we are saving as a present for our dear departed Christian. We miss you guys!!!
We were blessed with a new guy yesterday. Charles (heaven help you if you call him "Charlie"!) came from the Southern Walk to help us out. He has already brought a lot to our team, but has a few things to learn yet (for example, "Funk" is clearly the BEST last name ever!).
While so far this post has been in a jovial tone, our walk has been far from a pleasant saunter down the highway. It has been a blessed experience so far, but it definitely has included many difficult moments. Walking at night is very difficult, because it is like being in the dark night of the soul. We half-joke that while during the day, we are crazy PRO-LIFE people walking along the highways, during the night we are merely crazy people. No one can see our pro-life t-shirts, and the only people who stop to talk to us are cops. We are learning that these lonely and dark night hours are the times of complete prayer and sacrifice, since there are absolutely no tangible rewards. Sometimes, all we can say is "Jesus, we trust in You" that these blisters and unseen limpings actually help to save babies. The beautiful thing is that truly, it is when we are weak that He is strong! He uses our fraility and does so much more with it than we could ever do! Blessed be His Name!
May God Bless all of you and all the walks this summer. Stay Strong!! Peace and Love Always!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise God for all of your sacrifices. I just want to encouage you, one former walker to a current walker, that the night walks are not in vain. Out of my summer, I only walked one and a half weeks during the day, the rest was night shift. Please know that the Lord honors the night shift greatly because it just you, the other walker and God Himself. Know that all of the sacrifices, the Lord uses for good. More so the night shift because the earthly fruit is hard to see, and in that, that is where the Lord is glorified the most. Please know of my prayers, and I will place all of the walks under the protection of our Blessed Mother as I travel to Medjugorje.

Kim, Centeral Walk, 2006

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Jamie Racki said...

Hi New Northern Walkers!! My name is Jamie and I did the Northern Walk last year. At the risk of sounding like a complete crazy person, I wanted to say to all of you doing Crossroads to LIVE IT UP! I miss Crossroads more than I could ever have imagined! Your stories are fun to read about, please keep posting. I know you don't get to talk to very many people or spread the message at night, but the prayer time is really great, and to be honest, walking in the middle of the night is one of the things I miss the most about Crossroads. It might not seem like it right now, but those times when you are half asleep just trudging along to get finished are going to be hard to forget. We used to sing Disney songs a lot. :o) And aren't the stars just gorgeous???????? I know you guys on Northern Walk are in Billings now - isn't Montana beautiful??
You will be in my prayers!

<3 Jamie
Northern Walk '06

P.S. Here are some games that another Northern Walker, Calvin, and I used to play when walking together on the road:
- Counting the Shooting Stars
- Counting dead bumble bees. (There are more than you might think!!!)

P.P.S. Does your walk leader let you eat McDonalds?

8:34 PM  

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