Monday, November 06, 2006

Vote Yes for Life

This November 7th the people of South Dakota will vote on Life. This year along with many other bills people are trying to pass, South Dakotans will vote on Referred Law Number Six. A law if passed will uphold the dignity of all human life, protecting the unborn from abortion and protecting women and men from the hurt and pain that is a result from the choice of abortion. Back in March their governor signed into law that all abortion is illegal except in the case of the health of the mother, a law that upholds that abortion is illegal in the case of rape and incest. A select handful of people along with Planned Parenthood pushed for the people of South Dakota to vote this November 7th believing that the South Dakotans will vote no which will keep abortion legal in all cases.

I along with ten other adults and four children hopped into two vans and drove four hours out to Sioux Falls from St. Paul, MN, to help the Vote Yes campaign. I met women who are the face of the campaign, from women who have had abortions trying to save women from the pain that they themselves went through and still go through, to women to have become pregnant in their early teens and sexual assault cases who have chosen to give their baby life and how thankful they are of their choice of life. When we were out there on Sunday we broke up onto groups to place literature onto windshields of cars that were parked in parking lots of churches who aren't in support of the Vote Yes for Life ban. People who saw us doing the drop told us that we needed a permit and also that it is illegal to place our literature on cars. We found out later that both times they were in the wrong and we did not brake any law. In the afternoon, we continued by going door to door handing out pamphlets on the law and also encouraging them to protect the women of South Dakota against the pain of abortion by voting yes on November 7th. As we went door to door, we met people that were in full support of the law and we met people who were not in support and chose not to speak to us. But the majority of people were undecided and they were thankful that we were there at their door informing them of what is Referred Law Number Six.

How did the people of South Dakota get so close to overturning Roe-V-Wade in their state? They have focused on the welfare of the woman. How abortion can and will harm women, their mental state and how they become depressed and suicidal. They have focused on the physical effects, from hysterectomies and infertility to even death. They have realized that you need to save the woman first from abortion before you are going to save the child from abortion, you are not going to reach the child until you reach the woman. Please pray for South Dakota this election, pray for the women and men who will vote and pray for the women of South Dakota as people vote yes to save them and their unborn child.

Kim Ehlert
2006 Central Walk


Blogger The will of women said...

Women have the right to choose. It is my body. I have had three abortions and i am thankful for the right that i have! If people don't have the right to choose then they will take it into their own hands and use other methods ie. a coat hanger. You don't have to be the one to do it so don't tell other people that they shouldn't have the choice. The world is already over populated, so a few abortions aren't to bad.

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