Saturday, May 31, 2008

Update from the South

We're here in Chino Hills, CALI!! Pray for us, we've been having some mishaps with our vehicles, but we've got everything sorted out now. Pray that we can persevere in patience through all the trials and frustrations ahead.

Most of us are going to VEGAS today while Art and Clare are staying here and going to a wedding in San Bernardino.

We'll walking through the desert for the next few weeks. It's hot and can be really exhausting during the day, but it gives us the perfect opportunity to offer it up. Night shift loves it because the stars are absolutely spectacular.

Right not we're staying with a wonderful host family in Chino Hills. Their backyard overlooks the city and the view from the hot tub is incredible. It's been such a blessing to have a little time to rest our muscles and our hosts have been so kind and thoughtful.

Also, whenever we speak at churches, we ask for the parishioners prayer intentions so that we can remember them as we walk. If there is anything we can pray about for you guys, just post it here or message it to one of us.

All to the greater glory of God,