Friday, August 22, 2008

Northern Walk - The End

The Northern Walk made it through its final days and an event-filled weekend with flying colours, hitting all its marks and then some, co-existing with the other Walks while retaining its own unique characteristics and personality.

The Walkers said Evening Prayer for the last time in common on Sunday night and praying the last few Prayer Intentions they've collected at parishes over the last three months, in addition to ensuring that all the Walkers got to their departure points (airports, etc.) in a timely, orderly, and safe manner.

And so the Walkers' fellowship is dissolved as the last two Walkers departed for their homelands on Tuesday morning. The Northern Walk of 2008 is ended but shall never be forgotten by those who traced its steps over the last three months.

The Walkers thank all those who have supported them over the summer; be assured of their eternal gratitude and thanksgiving for their help in this monumental task.

Your Triumphant Leader, Northern Walk


Northern Walk - Twelfth Week (In Review)

Originally written August 12th, 2008

The Walkers are presently situated at the border of Washington, D.C., inside of three miles from the endpoint of their pilgrimage, the Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. They have redoubled their efforts to keep their focus pure and integral this close to the end despite a gradual shift in perspective over the last two weeks, as the Walkers make individual preparations for life after the Walk.

Also, the Walkers have had the chance to meet and "slap hands" with their separated brethren from the Central and Southern Walks who have been conducting their own parallel walks from Coast to Capital over the summer. For their part, the Northern Walk looks forward to the different perspectives (and possible scarring) which the other Walks may have to offer.

Continue to remember the Walkers as they cross the threshold of the Shrine's doors...

Fearless and Intrepid Leader, Northern Walk


Friday, August 08, 2008

Northern Walk - Eleventh Week

The Walkers have walked to Hagerstown, MD in a straight shot towards Washington, D.C. While the route featured on the Crossroads website has largely been jettisoned for sundry practical considerations e.g. our not walking through flood-ravaged Iowa and its numerous road closures, the Northern Walk has nonetheless been walking Coast to Capital all these weeks one step at a time without skipping one foot of distance along the way.

Meanwhile, the Walkers have left their motorhome in seasonal Scranton, PA with the brother of our own Northern Walker Matthew, allowing an extended visit to a town uniquely rich in Catholic liturgy and affording speedy passage to their weekend destination, New York, NY. This strategem will also afford the Walkers the chance to enjoy a rare day off to sightsee in New York City, a special treat for those Walkers who come from faraway regions and lands.

The Northern Walk would be remiss not to mention the departure of our own Joe and Erin, who are leaving us this weekend for school in Atchison, KS. Their contributions to the Walk are deeply appreciated, and they will be missed. That said, we are welcoming two new "Transients," Joseph and Christina, who will join us at some point over the New York weekend through our arrival at the nation's capital.

Refocusing and Fearless Leader, Northern Walk


Monday, August 04, 2008

Greetings all you pro-lifers out there!!

Just wanted to update everyone about our awesome weekend in Birmingham, AL. I'm typing this from home because my sister got married this weekend, but I'll be back on the road on Monday!! Please pray for the newly married couple. Our weekend in Birmingham was amazing...The team stayed at the home of former Southern Walker, Shannon Johnson. Her family opened their home to us and showed the team some true southern hospitality and some good cooking. Thank you Johnson family for your generosity.

As some of you might have heard, Father Frank Pavone held a funeral service for three aborted babies at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville. Shannon, Brendan, and myself were present for the funeral and burial of Karen Esther, Enoch, and Rebekah...all of whom were found in a dumpster behind an abortion mill in Detroit, Michigan. There was standing room only within the Shrine as people gathered to pay their respects and give honor and dignity to the bodies of the three children. It was such a great reminder of the innocence and humanity of the unborn. Father Frank reminded those present that the purpose of the service was not to provide a political statement, but rather to give the respect and honor that is due to the bodies of these human beings. This respect and honor was denied them in their short lives. The three children were buried in front of the Pieta on the monastery grounds.

We are truly thankful for the generosity of those in the Birmingham area. At this point, we have about two weeks left. Keep praying for us as we finish the last leg of our journey!!!

In Christ,

PS the pictures you see are three from the funeral service we attended at Mother Angelica's Shrine, one from our host family in Lubbock TX and one of us praying outside the abortion mill

Southern walk weekend # 8 update

We haven't had internet for a while, so this post comes a little late.

We had amazing contacts in Shreveport, Matt and Mikki, who were former walkers. On Saturday morning they came with us to the abortion clinic to pray. Adam and I had just started counseling when one of the police officers who was there came over to us. He was uncomfortable with us talking to the women as they went inside and kept trying to get us to agree to be silent. The truth is, we have the legal right to speak to the women, but the police officer got frustrated with us and eventually threatened to arrest if we said even one word to the women. At this point, we called the police department and began videotaping the officer's statements and Adam and I both called our parents just to let them know the police were looking for an excuse to arrest us.

Eventually, the city sent out other officers who let us know that we were within our rights and, priase God, we were able to continue counseling. In the midst of all of this, a man pulled over and began to pray outside of the clinic. He was weraing a tux and explained that he was 10 minutes away from a wedding where he was a groomsman. He said he had never prayed outside of an abortion clinic before in his life, but that as he passed, God told him to go pray. Unfortunately, he had unknowingly parked in the parking lot for the clinic and as he walked back to his car, the police officer arrested him for trespassing. Obviously God wanted him there as a witness and I really hope everyone at the wedding found out why he wasn't there.

Thank you all for your prayers, especially those who were interceding for us that day.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Northern Walk - Tenth Week

The Walkers have taken a pilgrimage-within-our-pilgrimage, taking a day's drive to Boston, Ma. for the weekend parish visits. In the meantime, the Walkers had made it as far as the greater metropolitan Pittsburgh, Pa. area on foot before driving onwards, where they will pick up when walking resumes next week.

The Walkers have also has the pleasure of taking on another "transient," Kristie from Medina, Oh. She is another former Walker, having walked as recently as with the Central Walk earlier this summer in addition to stints in previous years.

Now that the end is so close, the Walkers are talking a bit of time to visit the sights in seasonal New England, having gone the first nine weeks without real pause. Do keep the Walkers in your prayers.

Recharging and Refocusing Leader, Northern Walk

P.S. For more pictures from the Cleveland Weekend please go to