Monday, June 08, 2009

Montana the Sunshine State...NOT!

Although Montana may not be the Sunshine State, it is definitely the friendliest. In one day we encountered snow, sleet, and rain and countless motorists who stopped to check to see if we were alright.

So far we've covered Washington State, Idaho, and currently we are walking through Montana. We knew from the beginning of the walk that this summer would be hard so we dedicated our walk to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. We know that she has been watching over us, that's probably why we have not seen any bears...yet!

The walking has been tough, but the weekends have been our refuge. We would like to thank Martha and Fred Weiss in Seattle, WA and their family as well as the Delich family in Spokane, WA for opening their homes and hearts to us. We will never forget you! The kindness and generosity of our host families has truly been an image of God's love to us.

Doing missionary work is incredibly challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. We've had our share of blisters and sore muscles, but God cannot be outdone in generosity. Through being able to receive the Eucharist each day and praying to Our Lady as we walk we have felt God's Grace keeping us safe and helping us to succeed in our mission to take the pro-life message to the streets. We thank God for the small blessings that keep us going each day like being treated to breakfast, coffee, and donuts on several occasions after daily Mass. We have also met wonderful people who have cheered us on and encouraged us to keep up the good fight. However, we have also encountered some opposition. On the first day of walking one of us was spit on and this past week another girls was coughed on as she tried to cross the street. We have come to realize that these events are also Graces because they remind us that there is a need for us to be out here and to give witness to the people whose hearts have been hardened by the Culture of Death. As Christ carried His cross to Calvary he was beaten and bruised and slandered. We are honored to also be able to take some blows for the unborn.

As we have gotten to know each other on the walk we have shared lots of laughter and stories about what has led us to walk on Crossroads this summer. We come from 8 different states and for some of us this is our first time taking part in any type of missionary work.

We know that it is through the prayers and generosity of countless other pro-life Americans that we are able to continue to walk. We are all walking together as we work to bring our country back to the pro-life movement.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Pray for us!

Northern Walk 2009


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