Sunday, June 07, 2009

Always an Adventure...(Central Walk)

Well, the Central Walk is just a few hours from starting their third week of walking! It is crazy to think about how time is flying! I think it is safe to say that most of us thought the first week of walking was the longest week of our entire lives! But, it does eventually get easier as time goes on. We just have to push through the crazy terrain, extreme heat, and millions of blisters!

Along the miles we have encountered some of the most exciting adventures. For example: getting the support vehicle stuck in California, meeting a gold miner in Nevada, walking 20 miles in the wrong direction, sleeping in Walmart parking lots...and much more!

We’ve spent the weekend in Reno, Nevada, with an awesome host family. We only had 19 Masses to speak at...compared to the 32 of last weekend in Sacramento! Next weekend we will be in Salt Lake City, Utah!

We are currently walking on HWY 50...also known as the loneliest road in America! Some of the girls on the team found a sticker in Austin, Nevada, that says: “I survived Hwy 50.” What did we get ourselves into? Haha.

I want to share a story that came up last weekend after a Mass I spoke at. A lady stopped me in the vestibule and started talking about her son. She said that her 7 year old was listening to me speak and questioned her: “Mommy, why are they walking for babies?” His mother explained to him about abortion and the purpose of Crossroads. The lady then told me that all of the sudden her son paused for a few seconds, and then gave her a great big hug. He embraced her for a few minutes and finally said: “Mommy, thank you for not killing me.” The lady’s story brought tears to my eyes. Situations like these just make me realize how important it is for us to spread and impact the pro-life movement. We need to become aware and get involved. After all, it’s the next generation that is being wiped out...’s to more blisters and farmer’s tans...but, in the end--it’s all worth it.

Until next time,
Michelle, Central Walk 2009



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