Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Roadside Poetry

Big feet, small feet, feet, feet, feet

Sore feet, stinky feet, the different feet you'll meet!

Hot feet, cold feet, wet feet, dry feet, the oh so fine feet

Oh how our feet blister from walking in the heat!
We walk from place to place down the street!

Over the hills, through the mountains,
past the big builders and the big fountains.

Uphill, downhill, and time to chill,
on the side of the road we get refills.

We are sore and tired but continue on,
we pray, and we walk and sing a song.

We rejoice at the end of the shift, knowing our time has come to rest,
but we sent the next ones out telling them to do their best.

As we wait for our turn to go on a walk,
we sit on the ground hoping the ants don't talk.

Desert blue, desert green, mountain snow, mountain stream,
we go different places we have never been,
we go to the different places with our friends.

Pretty sunset, beautiful sunrise, every day a splendid surprise!

We saw a deer today! We saw two!
One for me and one for you!

In KOA's and Safeways we stay, after leaving host families in the byways.
We laugh with each other along the way.

It doesn't matter where we stay
between me and my friends - it's all ok!

Yes, our journey that we walk is very long,
but doing God's work we can't go wrong!

We are Crossroads group 2009
I will never forget your heart, and you will never forget mine!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent poetry! I saw you on LIfe on the Rock. Your vibrancy, enthusiasm and holiness toward life is to be admired. May our Lady's blessing aid you and the Holy Spirit give you His Spirit for the little ones of our race and all forms of human life. Will continue with loving prayers for your cause.

5:08 PM  

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