Friday, August 22, 2008

Northern Walk - The End

The Northern Walk made it through its final days and an event-filled weekend with flying colours, hitting all its marks and then some, co-existing with the other Walks while retaining its own unique characteristics and personality.

The Walkers said Evening Prayer for the last time in common on Sunday night and praying the last few Prayer Intentions they've collected at parishes over the last three months, in addition to ensuring that all the Walkers got to their departure points (airports, etc.) in a timely, orderly, and safe manner.

And so the Walkers' fellowship is dissolved as the last two Walkers departed for their homelands on Tuesday morning. The Northern Walk of 2008 is ended but shall never be forgotten by those who traced its steps over the last three months.

The Walkers thank all those who have supported them over the summer; be assured of their eternal gratitude and thanksgiving for their help in this monumental task.

Your Triumphant Leader, Northern Walk



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