Friday, August 08, 2008

Northern Walk - Eleventh Week

The Walkers have walked to Hagerstown, MD in a straight shot towards Washington, D.C. While the route featured on the Crossroads website has largely been jettisoned for sundry practical considerations e.g. our not walking through flood-ravaged Iowa and its numerous road closures, the Northern Walk has nonetheless been walking Coast to Capital all these weeks one step at a time without skipping one foot of distance along the way.

Meanwhile, the Walkers have left their motorhome in seasonal Scranton, PA with the brother of our own Northern Walker Matthew, allowing an extended visit to a town uniquely rich in Catholic liturgy and affording speedy passage to their weekend destination, New York, NY. This strategem will also afford the Walkers the chance to enjoy a rare day off to sightsee in New York City, a special treat for those Walkers who come from faraway regions and lands.

The Northern Walk would be remiss not to mention the departure of our own Joe and Erin, who are leaving us this weekend for school in Atchison, KS. Their contributions to the Walk are deeply appreciated, and they will be missed. That said, we are welcoming two new "Transients," Joseph and Christina, who will join us at some point over the New York weekend through our arrival at the nation's capital.

Refocusing and Fearless Leader, Northern Walk



Blogger Adeoamata said...

Congrats on making it to DC! Keep on fighting the good fight... :o)

Southern Walk 2006 & 2007

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