Thursday, August 03, 2006

Get these demons off my back...

Hello all!
This is Jamie from the Northern WaLk. That L is supposed to be capitalized. Anyway, we are somewhere in New Joisey right now at a library. There are 8 days until all three walks will meet up in Washington DC and I can't wait. So many things keep happening. I have found this to be completely true: the devil does not want us to finish and he is putting road blocks in our way to try to stop us. Past walkers have told us that the last few weeks are the hardest and they were definitely right. We're praying really hard; the rosary is our best weapon when we are walking. We're on the Northern Walk, but this week has been the hottest yet. I am so glad that I was on night shift, but even when I was walking, I was sweating profusely. Any attempts to sleep were futile. It's just too hot, and we usually didn't have air conditioning. We did make some pretty impressive sweat angels in various places in the RV though. I can't wait until Washington DC, but at the same time, I really don't know how I'm going to say goodbye to some of these people. They have become my family and I can't stop thinking that the day is coming when I'm going to have to say goodbye. And that day is coming sooner for some than for others. Jessica and Christy are leaving Saturday... I'd rather not think about that right now. We got a new guy last night - Keagan (sorry if I spelled that wrong), and we're getting another new guy Friday - Dave. That means its going to be 6 guys and 6 girls even with Calvin gone. Speaking of which (how is that a speaking of which?!), Calvin: the other Northern Walkers and I miss you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Part of us is definitely missing with you gone, and the Northern Walk just isn't the same. :o( Don't let the Central Walk tell you that you're one of them. You were born a Northern Walker, and you'll DIE a Northern Walker. That is, if I have anything to say about it... :o) I'm sure the Central Walkers are great... :o)
Ahem... what was I talking about? Sweat angels! I offered up every drop to save babies. If God saves one baby for every drop dripped......... well, I definitely hope that's what He's doing because that's a LOT of babies. Not to be gross or anything, but its miserable not being able to sleep in the RV because of the heat. I'm sure the Southern Walk has been going through this all summer. Good job guys, I can't even imagine that kind of heat! Sometimes I forget that there are other walks... I forget that its not just us, and that actually, with every step we take, there is a group of people we don't know yet who are taking the same steps on a different part of the country. Its going to be cool meeting everyone else. :o)

Well, I think I've written quite enough for now. I will talk to you all later... if you're lucky. Have good days!

Northern Walker

P.S. There are a lot of smiley faces in this entry. Don't be fooled... I miss Calvin a lot.


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