Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hey! Maria Spears here! I walked for two weeks with the Southerners!

One food for thought that was brought up in a friendly discussion with my fellow Crossroad walkers, was the correlation between the everyday exercise of mind and body and our faith.
Sometimes the challange of walking Crossroads is not just the physical taxation but the mental.
Waking up for your shift and knowing there are 30-40 miles to be walked can be dawnting. Often times the last mile is the hardest, the last hill the one that you think "I can't take one more step"-it is on there that it is the most important to press on, to turn that walk into a jog to then that jog into a sprint up the hill. Mentally realizing that this phsical exercise is one that is for both the mid and spirit as well as the body. It is on our death bed that we will be the most tired; the worn-out warriors tired of fighting. But if in our everyday physical struggles we see the cross at the top and sprint for it, how much easier will it be when the Lord calls us home to "spiritually sprint" home to His arms.
Let us all fight the good fight and run the race till we are home in our Father's House.


Anonymous Jamie said...

Hello everyone! This is Jamie from the Northern Walk 2006. I have a quote for you... its some kind of proverb:

When you think that you cannot take one more step, you have only gone half the distance you are capable of.

you guys are so close, finish strong! Enjoy yourselves!!

God Bless all of you!!

Northern Walk '06

12:36 PM  
Blogger Claire said...

Hi Maria! What a lovely surprise to stumble across this blog and your post!! My first thought was... "MARIA SPEARS! I know her!" :)

You may not remember who I am at first, but my sisters and I played violin and sang with you at Anna Marie Foxhoven's wedding in January. :) You've been on my mind and heart a lot since then... it was so great meeting you, and I hope our paths cross again sometime! I have to let you know that you made a deep impression on me... a radiant soul so completely in love with our God. You left me very inspired, in more ways than one.

I hope you had a beautiful summer! If you ever have the time to email me (claire @ rosamysticamodesty . org, minus the spaces), I would love to hear from you.

Pax Christi,

11:13 AM  

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