Saturday, July 07, 2007

To My Fellow Americans...

Ben here on the Canadian walk. We are in Thunder Bay, Ontario on beautiful Lake Superior. For all you ignorant Americans out there (Fear not, I used to be one myself), here are a few facts about the land to the north.

Country name: Canada
Population: 33,390,141 (fewer than California)
Patron Saint: St. Joseph the Worker
Chief of State: Queen Elizabeth II (picture on most currency), represented by Governor General Michaelle Jean
Head of Government: Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Current Exchange Rate Canadian Dollar to US Dollar: $.95/$1
Current Abortion Status: In 1971, when Pierre Trudeau was Minister of Justice, legislation was introduced into Parliament which was quite widespread in its scope. One aspect of this particular legislation was the legalization of abortions in Canada. After many court battles, the last of which was in 1986, today there are absolutely no restrictions on abortion and all pro-life laws have been declared unconstitutional. A Canadian woman can have an abortion at any time during her pregnancy for whatever reason and have the government pay for it. Also, pro-life activists must remain outside restrictive bubble-zones when praying at abortion clinics or face the possibility of being arrested. Only in China, Cuba, and a handful of other nations is there a similar status on abortion.
Number of surgical abortions yearly in Canada: 101,000+

There you have it, some interesting Canadian statistics. Despite the poor legislation here as compared to the Unites States, there is still hope. The majority of Canadians are pro-life, despite what the media here claims. Every week at parishes we meet many young and growing families. Although the support while we are walking has not been as good as in the United States, we have had a considerable amount of support in every area of the country we have walked through.

Anyway, Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans, and a Happy Canada Day to all Canadians. To the Southern, Central, and Northern Walks, you are in our prayers and we thank you so very much for praying for us. This may be the first and last post from us, so I encourage all to persevere. As our journey nears its end, let us be steadfast in offering our sacrifices to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

St. Joseph, patron of Canada, pray for us!
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, patroness of the United States, pray for us!


Blogger David Wozney said...

Re: “... Governor General Michaelle Jean

The Governor General of Canada is a “corporation sole”, according to Elizabeth II in this document. A “corporation sole” is defined and recognized as being a corporation.

It is a fiction that a corporation is a person.

“A corporation is a fiction, by definition, ...”, according to Patrick Healy in a statement found here.

“A corporation is a ‘fiction’ as it has no separate existence, no physical body and no ‘mind’”, according to this presentation by Joanne Klineberg.

Do Canadians want businesses, companies, their government, and their Queen to operate in the realm of reality, or in the realm of fiction?

4:20 PM  

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