Sunday, June 01, 2008

Northern Walk 2008 - First Week

The Northern Walkers are presently tarrying in seasonal Spokane, WA for a weekend of visiting local parishes to give brief Crossroads presentations, having walked eastward from the Space Needle in Seattle day and night since Monday morning. We've walked as far as Wilbur, WA and plan to enter Idaho on Tuesday morning.

As we have been (more or less) telling the local parishes, the Walk is part activism, part asceticism, and part athleticism, and that all who participate in the Mystical Body of Christ are walking with us and us with them, one and all using our gifts to weave a common pattern stronger than the sum of our individual strands.

In the meantime, the Northern Walk is going quite well and we look forward to sharing stories from the road as time and inspiration permit.

Fearless and Intrepid Leader, Northern Walk



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