Monday, June 16, 2008

Southern Walk Destination: El Paso

Hey everyone!We're just finishing up a weekend in El Paso, Texas and are getting ready to drive back to where we left off walking just past the Arizona-New Mexico border. The weekend has been amazing!!! The people here are so beautiful. We've been staying with the Madrids who insist on treating us just like familia. They took us out to dinner where we finally got authentic Mexican! They cooked us multiple meals, did our laundry, and have just in general been so sweet to us.Yesterday morning we went to an abortion clinic. There were sidewalk counselors there who had a saved life earlier that morning!! Please keep them in your prayers. Their ministry is so important and they do such good work.Last night we had dinner with some people from Project Gabriel. It was a backyard barbeque (also authentic Mexican!) with young and old all laughing and talking together.We are so close to the border (we were actually afraid we'd accidentally drive into Mexico a couple of times). Everyone speaks Spanish and many of us have gotten to practice our attempted bilingual skills.Chief (Brendan) left us yesterday for St. Louis. He spoke at a parish there and then flew on home for the week. It was extremely sad to see him go but luckily he'll be back next weekend, hopefully for good!! Adam is our new fearless leader. We gave him the name Shepherd or Shep. He seems to be a little unsure of his new name so please encourage him in its awesomeness. Oh, and as always, keep us in your prayers. We love and miss you all. Take care!God bless,Molly


Blogger Laurie Pappas said...

It was so good to read your blog and hear how great the Madrids treated you in El Paso. Bless them for taking you into their home! It was also fun to see the pictures of you and your fellow walkers (but where is Brendan's picture?). We are so very proud of all that your group is doing. Please continue to be safe, and keep applying that sunscreen! We miss your smiling face back in Minnesota!

3:41 PM  
Blogger Anne08 said...

hey molly! - anne from central walk here - just wanted to say "hey" and God bless and good luck to all you guys! it looks like i'm not gonna be able to meet up with you all in DC, which breaks my heart, but all the Crossroaders are in my prayers.


10:38 PM  
Anonymous Sharon said...

Hang on walkers, Lubbock Texas is almost here! Brendan, Malia can't wait for that "really tall guy to come back, he is my best friend" Does everyone want to go swimming on Saturday? Martha said Southern walk was ahead of schedule. You girls and guys ROCK!!! Can't wait to see everyone.

5:50 PM  
Blogger vanda504 said...

Hi, I am Allison's mom. We are so proud of her and the rest of you guys for doing this. I hope other's will follow in these huge footprints you are leaving. I will meet you in Jackson, MS with some home cooked FOOD. WOO HOO
God bless you all and stay safe.

Miss Vanda

9:03 AM  

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