Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Central Walk 2008

Hello from Ely Nevada! We are almost finished with the treck across America's lonliest road - highway 50 and we are aiming to reach Salt Lake City, UT this weekend! We have travelled through all sorts of terrain: From the vineyards of Nappa, to the heights of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and now across the desolate yet beautiful land of Nevada. We have been well-recieved in each of the cities on our route so far: San Francisco, Sacramento, and Reno. Our group leader Carlos keeps us all laughing and in good humor. Trish our assistant walk leader looks after us, keeps us supplied with the essentials, and reminds us to stay on schedule. Jeff, also know as "minnesota", kicks out mile after mile on his long legs and is sure to get us to daily mass on time. Katie is always brightening up everyones day with her smile and you can't be around her long without hearing her contagious giggle. John is ready and willing to help whenever and however - especially when he has had his coffee. Clare, the newest member to our team, spreads her energy enthusiasm as she runs through her shift and keeps us talking and smiling during breaks. We miss our faithful departed Anne and Cristie - though they had to return to the world and leave our band of walkers, their hearts are still with us in spirit and prayer. We miss you Anne and Cristie! I help with little odds and ends and while everyone else is working I am chill'n and blogging ;-) Keep us in your prayers as we work our way across the country! All the best to the Southern and Northern walkers! You are in our prayers! See you in D.C.! PAX, Michaela



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Blogger Mike said...

I am sure proud of all of you brave walkers! Our hearts and prayers are with you on your awesome trek!

Love, Papa Lawless

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