Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Northern Walk - Seventh Week (In Review)

Since our last update, the Walkers have made it on foot to seasonal De Witt, Iowa and are headed east through Illinois and onward. We drove forward to Chicago for the weekend and gave talks at some 22 Masses in six parishes.

We're going to Ann Arbor, Michigan this weekend and are looking forward to redoubling our efforts for the homestretch of our journey. The Walkers ask for your prayers that they remain focused on the true, supernatural end of the Walk.

Gentlemanly and Pensive Leader, Northern Walk



Blogger Diegodaughter said...

Dear Northern walkers:)

Keep cool as you travel today. You are a blessing to many and a reminder to all of the prolife movement.

Thank you for sharing your stories.

May God continue to bless you as you travel on this journey and HIS journey.

I will pray for you during adoration hour this evening at Holy Cross Church, Mendota.


2:19 PM  

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