Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Sup y'all, it's Rosanne and Erin from the NORTHERN WALK!!!! So, the weather outside is no longer frightful. The stove fire was so delightful. Since we had a place to go (like... DC), let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!! Well, let's start from the beginning. It all began a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away known as Montana. One day, in June, it was really warm. The next, not so much. It started hailing, which then turned into a wintery mix. The next day was a blizzard. Not just a dairy queen blizzard, but actual SNOW! (Rosanne and Bess being from the south were very excited about the fact that we had three inches of snow). After that, it was warm again. Just a lot of wind. Now, tell me... what is up with that?? We thought it was supposed to be SUMMER!!!

Crossroads... we didn't sign up for that!

Anyways, walking has been pretty fun. We are in Hardin, MT right now, and hope to make it to Wyoming on Thursday and South Dakota on Friday. Three states in three days... pretty cool (eh? - our tribute to the wired and inspired intrepid Canadian leader Andrew). We hit our first 40 mile shift last week as well. We have finally climbed on top of the RV and jumped around quite vigorously. We've been pulled over twice for tickets, and we've been stopped by the cops countless times.

In Billings this weekend, we were praying at the abortion clinic Saturday morning and a cop drove by. He turned around and we were like.. ohh boy.... and when he drove by again he gave us a thumbs up! So then we saw Thumbs Up Cop Dude at mass later that evening and then at breakfast at this nifty little place called Stella's the next morning.

Anyhow, that's it for this night shift (Joe, Liz and Andrew are all here too). Off to make Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese for dinner!
Peace and Love
Erin and Rosanne (your residential tree hugger - Rosanne that is)

a rainbow after a bunch of rain

snow at a gas station

our duck taped feet

most of the group with Jim and Kathy, who provided breakfast for us one morning after mass

Me and Bess with our snowmen


Blogger Anne08 said...

love the duct tape picture - i'm right there with you! oh, the wonderful ingenuities crossroads discovers... ;-p (anne from the central walk)

10:40 PM  

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