Sunday, June 29, 2008

northern walk, represent!

wow, a ton of updates from us northern walkers, nothing from anyone else?? come on, guys! howdy, y'all, it's rosanne from the northern walk. we've tried calling y'all but your phones aren't working? *shrug*

this weekend, we are in souix falls, south dakota. it's been blustery all day (thank you, winnie the pooh). we prayed at the ONLY planned parenthood in south dakota that performs abortions. how awesome is that? and south dakota has passed a new law requiring women to see an ultrasound before having an abortion. thank God!!

lots has happened in the last week. we picked up a "transient walker" (as Tim (north leader 07) calls them) - nate - who walked 5 weeks of the northern walk in 05. that was pretty awesome and it took off some stress on getting our miles done. the night shift has hit some pretty heavy storms this past week, so it's been like a hard punch because it makes it a little harder to get miles in when it looks like there's about to be a tornado. on tuesday (i think? i've been on night shift for two weeks, it's messing with my head lol) the sherrif for sturgis, south dakota stopped on the side of the highway and it turns up he found a place for us to stay - at a baptist church! how cool is that? they were so open and welcome to having us stay there!

we also were hosted for a few days in pierre, which is the capital. we've had a few newspaper articles about us, and monday we have a radio interview. this weekend, the bishop of souix falls said mass for us at the cathedral and we didn't quite have a place to stay yet.. and a guy walks up and offers us a place to stay alright - in a hotel!!! it's sooooooo nice here!!! i'm not used to having a queen sized bed and a tv and a personal shower and such!! so, in short, there have been many blessings upon us as of lately - we just got another walker from here to chicago - erin - she walked last year. nate left today, which made us all sad, but that's okay.

the pranks have been on! we've taped things to the ceiling of the rv (day crew's toiletries) and some things we picked up were left at mile markers.. so we turned around the next week and got the day shift with a prank (wow i can't even remember what - i'm so out of it haha) and a suprise ambush with waterguns on the side of the higway. oh and we found the faith sign - for those who have seen the picture pointing towards "faith" - it's in south dakota.

anyhow, i fear this is getting long-winded, so i shall let you go do what you do best!

let's rock and roll and stride and stroll!!
peace out from the north,

ps - call us!!!!


Anonymous katie said...

Hey northern walk!

I saw that erin is walking with you guys tell her I said hi!! and that i miss her!! Glad to hear of all the blessings you are recieving! Always in my prayers!

-Katie (northern walk '07)

2:01 PM  

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