Thursday, July 03, 2008

Northern Walk - Fifth Week (In Review)

The Northern Walkers as featured in the Rapid City Journal, thanks to a line of contact established by our own Rosanne:

Greetings again from the Northern Walk; the Walkers passed the weekend in seasonal Sioux Falls, South Dakota (see Rosanne's post below) where we effectively exchanged one "Transient Walker," Nate, for another, Erin, a Northern Walk Alumna from 2007.

After having been hosted at the Good Samaritan House in Sioux Falls and speaking at a pair of parishes through the weekend, the Walkers swiftly returned Sunday night to Fort Pierre, South Dakota to pick up and walk exactly where they left off on Friday evening.

The Walkers continue to trek through South Dakota and are continually overwhelmed by the strong and large Pro-Life contingent in this state, a source of edification for one and all.

Tired and Terrific Leader, Northern Walk



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