Saturday, August 02, 2008

Northern Walk - Tenth Week

The Walkers have taken a pilgrimage-within-our-pilgrimage, taking a day's drive to Boston, Ma. for the weekend parish visits. In the meantime, the Walkers had made it as far as the greater metropolitan Pittsburgh, Pa. area on foot before driving onwards, where they will pick up when walking resumes next week.

The Walkers have also has the pleasure of taking on another "transient," Kristie from Medina, Oh. She is another former Walker, having walked as recently as with the Central Walk earlier this summer in addition to stints in previous years.

Now that the end is so close, the Walkers are talking a bit of time to visit the sights in seasonal New England, having gone the first nine weeks without real pause. Do keep the Walkers in your prayers.

Recharging and Refocusing Leader, Northern Walk

P.S. For more pictures from the Cleveland Weekend please go to



Blogger Frog's princess said...

Awww, it looks like y'all had fun with some seriously cute kiddos. Hope things are going well for you. Just Keep Walking. As always you are in my prayers

7:23 PM  

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