Saturday, July 26, 2008

Central Walk - 3 weeks to DC!

Hello and apologies for being tardy with posts ... now that I have a computer with internet I will try to update a little. We are spending this weekend in Indianapolis IN and will begin speaking tonight at our 6 assigned parishes. Walking-wise we well into Ohio and a bit ahead of schedule. Monday our group spent the day taking a retreat at Our Lady of Snows National Shrine in Illinois. It was a day of scripture, group bonding and rest. The rest of the week was spent walking through acres and acres of cornfields and soybean fields. The night shift had one night of very little walking since a huge storm blew in and there was a tornado watch - quite an experience for three people from states that don't have tornadoes! Since North Platte we have travelled through Lincoln/Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis. We hung around the arch in St. Louis at night and sat around the nearby water fountain. The past several saturdays have been very powerful as we have prayed and witnessed outside of several abortion clinics. This morning in Indianapolis at least two women changed their minds about having an abortion and may they persevere in the choice. Please keep us in your prayers!


Anonymous Grandma V. said...

Hi Michaela, So glad to see your July 26 "3 weeks to DC!" 3 weeks from July 26 is Aug. 16, the birthday of the awesome Kathy Vandegrift Lawless. Love & prayers to all the walkers. May the graces flowing from your walk be like water to our parched world. Love, Grandma V.

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