Sunday, July 20, 2008

Northern Walk - Eighth Week

The Walkers are walking through eastern Illinois along Highways 30 and 52, reaching as far as seasonal Joliet, Il. on foot before departing for the greater metropolitan Ann Arbor, Mi. area for the weekend missions.

A quiet and pleasant weekend in relative estrangement was had by one and most, being hosted in three separate houses. In any event, the Walkers were very well received, as was their message.

The Walkers anticipate getting back on the road again and sallying forth with another "Transient" for a William from possibly-seasonal Niles, Mi. Between that and picking up Northern Walker Liz, who was away for the weekend, the Walkers will be able to "turn it up to 11" this coming week.

Pensive and Sunburned Leader, Northern Walk



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