Sunday, June 25, 2006

Holy Crossroads Batman!

I'm back to the Central walk! I missed my Crossroads family, but all is well. I left this past week to volunteer at a Steubenville on the Bayou Conference and God is sooooo GOOD! One of the Conference speakers shared her testimony of how she had an abortion. She had such a powerful story of God's love and mercy. Before I left for the dirty South, we were at a small gas station somewhere in Colorado. We ended up talking to the dynamic duo, no not Batman and Robin, but Tony and Tommy who are two 8th graders from that area. I was talking to them about what we were doing and why abortion is wrong. After I explained what an abortion was, Tommy asked me is it wrong for a woman to do that. I said yes and tried to explain how each person is unique and that it is wrong for a woman to kill her child. I pray and hope that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in their lives and that they will seek the truth. You can pray for them too. Until next time... same Bat time, same Bat channel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there, and know that I am praying for you!

5:38 PM  

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