Sunday, June 25, 2006

Where fore art thou tornados?

Greetings and salutations from te Central Walk leader, Dave "It's so breezy here" Kelch. I honestly don't have much to say. One of the main apostolates related to the greater mission of Crossroads is talking to A LOT of people and talking to A LOT of people A LOT. I love it very much, but it does tire out the vocabularic part of my brain.

What a lovely stay we've had in North Platte. Honestly, it has been one of our most relaxed weekends, and providentially placed I might add. This past week we experienced our first real problems i.e. the RV breaking members passing away(pray for Erik).....and general exhaustion. Last night we had a chance to hear about our host Mom's son, Zach, who lost control of most of his body in a water accident. During his 9 -month stay in the hospital, he was on 7 different I.V. bags! There were two medicines being pumped into his body with analogous side-effects. One would keep him awake and one would make his drowsy. So, being unable to take him off of either medicine he would become very frustrated with being exhausted and unable to get to sleep. The family discovered that the only way he would be able to fall asleep would be to pray the rosary and enter into its beautiful Marian rhythm. So, they would pray it together and soon the doctor's learned (one of which was Jewish) that when the rosary was being prayed in the room, they shouldn't disturb them. Eventually, the medical staff actually just made a blanket order that no one was to disturb the rosary - the only way that Zach would ever find rest. Beautiful, eh?

Our Lady certainly found happiness in helping this beautiful family, as she does with every family.

God bless you all,
Dave K.


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