Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Hey everyone!
This is Jamie from the Northern Walk. I just got finished waLking a 5 mile shift through Cleveland and some other town. Everyone was so supportive. So many people yelled positive things out their car windows. I love it when that happens! And one person on the street who we talked to knew who Nick Cannon was. He is the singer of our Theme Song here on the Northern Walk: Can I Live. Anyway, I was walking with Calvin and we were able to get this drink called Sobe Tsunami. It was absolutely perfect! It was this orange cream drink that tasted exactly like a dreamcicle. I just HAD to tell you all about it! They're supposed to be really good for you too. I don't know if that's true or not, but it's definitely amazing tasting.
So here are some updates on the Northern Walk: Elizabeth went home for a few days and we miss her a lot. . . especially her "offer it up"s; we got a new one -- Chadwicke (this whole summer we had all been planning on calling him Chadwick as a joke and then when he got here we found out that that is actually his name!! *weirded out*); and CHRISTY IS BACK!!!!!! We missed her so much and are all happy to have her with us again! One more thing: Calvin shaved his head and his beard completely off and now looks like a different person. Luckily, we all still love him.

Well, I have to go because the library is closing. I hop their our knot two manny spalling erers.

The coolest Northern WaLker

P.S. Cleveland Rocks!


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