Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Leaving South Dakota Behind

Hello everyone,
Calvin Jensen here from the Northern walk. I'm happy to announce that, yesterday, day shift crossed yet another state boarder, leaving South Dakota behind and entering Minnesota.

But I don't like to look forward into the future. Instead, I would like to dwell on the past. So far, South Dakota has been the most supportive state we've gone though. I case you haven't already hear, South Dakota recently passed a bill outlawing ALL surgical abortions, and it goes to popular vote in November. (Pray for the bills success) But that's not all. While in South Dakota, we reacieved tons of positive feedback, and almost no negative feedback, the Govenor, State Senate, and State House are Pro-Life, and so is about 85% of the states Citizens. Also, through the kindness of others, all our walkers became incredibly spoiled by recieving showers every night last week.

Just one more quik thing to tell. On Monday morning, at 3:00 our vans battery died (sad day). However, since it was 3:00 we decided to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Amazingly, right after we finished, a man pulled up to see if we were all right, and we were able to be on our way. The power of prayer wins again.

Anyways, good bye and God Bless

Calvin and the Northern Walk.

ttfn (ta ta for now)


Blogger Crossroads Pro-Life said...

That was a really good one!
*Yay Divine Mercy Chaplet!*

9:18 PM  

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