Monday, July 17, 2006

Meet me in St. Louis

St. Louis....everything we dreamed it would be. From the Arch to the Cardinals baseball game to the delicious humidity that allows one to drink a glass of water without drinking a glass of water. And so we walk on with less than a month left continuing to pray for the unborn and for a culture of life to be brought about. We went to the beautiful Cathedral and then joined in on a rosary procession to the Planned Parenthood this past Saturday. There were over a 160 people who joined in on this peaceful and prayful procession. Praise Him! People often ask me if we ever get any negative feedback and well to be truthfully honest we do get a little, but most people are very supportive and even wish they could do the walk themselves. So to all those people... I ask that you get involved in the Pro-Life movement. If that means praying, volunteering at a Crisis Pregnancy center, or even wearing a pro-life t-shirt... whatever it is... go for it! Don't just wish you could do something to end abortion, but do something to end abortion. May God bless you and may Mother Mary wrap you in her mantle of purity and protection. To all of our fellow walkers... finish strong! We will see you soon in D.C. and we are praying for you.
"Whoop it up for the babies!" -Kim from Minnesota

In Christ, Claire from Picayune, Mississippi.


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