Sunday, June 25, 2006

God and Satan Duking it out on the Central Walk--As Always, God Wins


I believe that it is God's will that we walk across the country with Crossroads, as warriors for the culture of life. I am confident of that. I also believe that Satan does not want us to persevere. He does not want us to walk across the country. If he cannot stop us from walking, however, above all, he does not want us to do so with good spirits, praising God all the way. He does not want us to do God's will and to love God.

This past week, I have seen more and more Satan adamantly trying to stop us and God showering His graces upon us, even before we knew that we needed them. Late Monday afternoon, we left Boulder, Colorado with the RV to meet the other half of our group, who was nearing Rocky Mountain National Park. As we climbed the mountains, the engine started making more noises, and the floor near the engine was getting extremely hot. We pulled over to let the engine cool off a bit, thinking that the Rockies were a bit much for the RV. When Dave turned the key, however, the RV would not start. After praying the Memorare, the engine readily started but was still making terrible noises. We thought the problem could be a belt, or at worst the transmission. Tuesday morning, however, when we arrived at the RV repair shop in Granby, Colorado, we found that the problem was that the engine was actually falling apart from the inside. We would have to leave the RV at the shop, at least through Thursday so that the engine could be replaced. Where would we sleep?

As soon as we found that the engine needed to be replaced, we called our office in Columbia, Maryland. Once again, God stepped up and provided that right in Granby, Colorado, lived the family of Erik Feltes, a 2004 walker. They happily put us up for the night, and provided us with a delicious dinner. What would we do for Wednesday and Thursday night, though? God once again, came through. He provided that our walker Jen, had an aunt, who had a Goddaughter, whose grandparents lived in Loveland, Colorado. (Confusing, distant relationship, yes, but God works in mysterious ways). Loveland was also right on our walk, and we were able to stay with Jen's acquaintances for two nights who provided us with wonderful lodging and meals.

Thursday, night, however, Satan took another shot at us. One of our walkers received a call that his grandfather had died. He needed to go to Denver right away so that he could fly home to Sacramento--Denver was about a 3 hour drive away at this point. How would he get there? Would we have to miss a whole night of walking? God was one step ahead of the game, though. He had provided that the former walker Erik Feltes had come up from the seminary in Denver to walk with us for the night. As a result, he was able to take our walker-Erik to Denver right away. In addition, God pulled through with style. See, the car Erik was driving was not his own but actually belonged to another seminarian, named Joe, who needed the car in the morning to take someone else to the airport, too. --Our Erik was able to get a ride back to Denver and a ride to the airport with someone who was going anyway.

Friday, Satan attacked again. Our RV was not ready yet and would not be ready until at least Monday, at which point we would have to drive back 4 or 5 hours to Granby to pick it up. In addition, the host family we were to stay with Friday night had something happen, and they would not be able to take us until Saturday at noon. We had no where to go Friday night.

Once again, God stepped up to the plate. He provided that Nate, from Iliff, Colorado, who attends Franciscan University of Steubenville, had heard about Crossroads on campus. He had called our office and asked if we could come over for a barbecue. When he heard about our situation, he gladly welcomed us into his home. And, because the rest of his family was out of town, there was plenty of room for 11 of us to sleep there.

We continue with good spirits and joyful hearts.

God wins again.

Stay tuned for more stories of the God and Satan duking it out--God always wins!!!

United in the Heart of Jesus,

Megan Otten, Central Walk


Blogger MattMaes said...

sounds like everything is well on the central walk (RV breaking down, etc.)

That's the only way I know!!

I look forward to seeing y'all in Kansas City when you get here!! Happy walking,

Matt Maes.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Cory Sticha said...

I don't think you can have a Crossroads walk without something happening to the RV. In 2003, we had to have the fridge fixed a couple of times, and the roof started peeling off while we were in Utah. Also, one of the sewage tanks refused to drain about half way through.

Cory Sticha
Crossroads 2003

3:04 PM  

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